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Integrity Report

Integrity report policy

The Board of Supervisors of the company regulates effective operations and carries out supervision work in accordance with laws and regulations, forming an advanced and standardized operation mode of corporate governance featured by distinct structure, supervised collaboration and efficient implementation, while giving full play to the daily supervision and guidance functions of the Board of Supervisors.

Guaranteeing supervisors’ right to know through multiple channels

In accordance with relevant provisions, members of the Board of Supervisors attend important meetings such as board meetings and general meetings of shareholders;
In addition to supervision of discussion, decision-making and execution of major operational matters of the company, members of the Board of Supervisors are also invited by the management of the company to attend various important business meetings;
Daily information sources are broadened through SMS platforms, the company’s WeChat platform, emails and telephone calls.

Combining on-site inspections with off-site inspections

The Board of Supervisors conducts on-site inspections of subsidiaries through internal audit and inspection departments;
Each year, the Board of Supervisors conducts comprehensive and special carpet inspections on all affiliated companies, verifying key operations such as cost control, development quality, internal control construction, financial management and marketing.

Giving full play to the advantages of auditing to integrate supervision powers

The company combines the daily supervision of the Board of Supervisors organically with the assessment of actual operations of the enterprise;
The company has realized normalization of the supervision work, materialization of the supervisory evaluation and deepening of supervised rectification.

Building a seamless supervision system jointly with external supervision

The company has strengthened internal and external supervision systems, maintained close communication, and given full play to the professionalism, pertinence and independence of respective areas of supervision;
The company has formed a multi-level supervision system featured by comprehensive coverage, collaborative cooperation and strong constraints;
Through divided but complementary cooperation between external supervision mechanisms and the internal audit and supervision departments, the company has built a seamless internal and external supervision system for the operation of the Board of Supervisors.

Contact Details

Whistleblowers may Report to the Board of Supervisors of Zhongnan Group by telephone, the Group’s WeChat platform, office platform, industry/department work linkage platform, letter and visit, e-mail, interview, SMS and BBS.

WeChat QR code

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Real-time query on report processing progress

Contact details for reporting:

Reporting email


Reporting hotline of the office of the Board of Supervisors


Mailing address

Rm. 1003, Zhongnan HQ Building, 899 Shanghai Road, Haimen City, Jiangsu Province

Categories of reporting contents:

Reporting of serious problems

Chairman of the Board of Supervisors: 138 1376 1650

Reporting of operational problems

Vice Chairman: 138 6286 2788

Reporting of corruption problems

Vice Chairman: 139 0146 1803